Women's Badminton

2017 Women's Badminton Roster

High School
Barbara Argent full bio Barbara Argent Cl.: So High School: Glendora
Boyuan Li full bio Boyuan Li Cl.: Fr High School: (China)
Jessie Mei full bio Jessie Mei Cl.: Fr High School: San Gabriel
Melody Ni full bio Melody Ni Cl.: Fr High School: (China)
Abigail Oliva full bio Abigail Oliva Cl.: So High School: Irvine
Anne Olsen full bio Anne Olsen Cl.: Fr High School: Corona del Mar
Sujatha Padmanabhan full bio Sujatha Padmanabhan Cl.: Fr High School: (India)
Shirley Song full bio Shirley Song Cl.: Fr High School: (China)
Tanya Sreenagesh full bio Tanya Sreenagesh Cl.: Fr High School: Pace
Jerri Wang full bio Jerri Wang Cl.: Fr High School: (China)

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