Women's Soccer

2017 Women's Soccer Roster

No. Name Pos. Cl. Ht. High School
Samantha Carter full bio 1 Samantha Carter GK Fr   El Toro
Jaqueline Losada full bio 3 Jaqueline Losada Mid So   Santa Ana
Alana Ratcliffe full bio 4 Alana Ratcliffe Def/Mid Fr   Trabuco Hills
Cassandra Fuentes full bio 6 Cassandra Fuentes Mid Fr   San Clemente
Yvette Belman full bio 7 Yvette Belman Def So   San Juan Hills
Ashley Jimenez full bio 8 Ashley Jimenez Def Fr   Santa Ana Valley
Antonia Nani full bio 9 Antonia Nani Def Fr   El Toro
Marissa Banos full bio 10 Marissa Banos Mid Fr   Western
Brenda Chopin full bio 11 Brenda Chopin Fwd So   Santa Ana Valley
Karla Rodriguez full bio 12 Karla Rodriguez Mid Fr   Estancia
Angela Hernandez full bio 13 Angela Hernandez Mid Fr   Saddleback
Luci Bernal full bio 14 Luci Bernal Fwd So   Santa Ana
Jade Stewart full bio 16 Jade Stewart Fwd Fr   Valencia
Lauren Berry full bio 17 Lauren Berry Def Fr   Santa Margarita
Heaven Hernandez full bio 20 Heaven Hernandez Mid Fr   Rancho Verde
Alma Valencia full bio 21 Alma Valencia GK Fr   Villa Park
Catherine Pineda full bio 22 Catherine Pineda Mid So   Woodbridge
Savanna Hayes full bio 23 Savanna Hayes Def Fr   El Toro
Emily Rodriguez full bio 24 Emily Rodriguez Mid So   Estancia
Esbeydi Espinoza full bio 25 Esbeydi Espinoza Mid Fr   Lutheran Treasure Academy
Ashley Ruiz full bio RS Ashley Ruiz Def So   Western

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