Women's Beach Volleyball

Women's beach volleyball team stays perfect in OEC action

Courtesy of On My Game Photography
Courtesy of On My Game Photography

Irvine Valley's women's beach volleyball team improved its record to 12-7 overall and 8-0 in the Orange Empire Conference with two more wins on Friday at IVC.

The Lasers, who had already clinched the title in their division of the conference, defeated both Riverside and Fullerton, 5-0.

Irvine Valley has dropped just one individual match in all of its conference contests. The Lasers are 39-1 in individual matches against OEC opponents.

The Lasers are also 10-0 against community college competition.

Irvine Valley won nine of the 10 matches it played on Friday in straight sets.

Irvine Valley got two straight set wins from its No. 1 team of sophomore Renata Bath and freshman Lea Kruse, freshmen Anna Unke and Gabriela Griego, freshmen Alaina Gendale and Kendall Nolan and sophomore Alison Kent and Alaina Thomas.

The sophomore duo of Alyssa Vortouni and Emilie Austin won both of its matches, but had to battle to defeat Fullerton's Kailyn Case and Samantha Linares, 21-6, 19-21, 15-10, on the third court.

IVC has two more matches in the regular season. It plays host to Riverside and Saddleback next Friday. Matches start at 11 a.m.

Irvine Valley 5, Fullerton 0

1. Renata Bath/Lea Kruse (IVC) def. Lauren Schaefer/Amanda Henderson (FC), 21-9, 21-12

2. Anna Unke/Gabriela Griego (IVC) def. Andrea Lopez/Carlie Ortega (FC), 21-10, 21-13

3. Alyssa Vortouni/Emilie Austin (IVC) def. Kailyn Case/Samantha Linares (FC), 21-6, 19-21, 15-10

4. Alaina Gendale/Kendall Nolan (IVC) def. Rebecca Hicks/Holly CAll (FC), 21-15, 21-8

5. Alison Kent/Alaina Thomas (IVC) won by forfeit

Irvine Valley 5, Riverside 0

1. Renata Bath/Lea Kruse (IVC) def. Vashti Elias-Romero/Natalie Escher (RCC), 21-15, 21-13

2. Anna Unke/Gabriela Griego (IVC) def. Kayla Mckinnon/Jasmine Urban (RCC), 21-10, 21-8

3. Alyssa Vortouni/Emilie Austin (IVC) def. Patricia Brucks/Telanni Childs (RCC), 21-10, 21-11

4. Alaina Gendale/Kendall Nolan (IVC) def. Roni Lopez/Morgan Spencer (RCC), 21-8, 21-11

5. Alison Kent/Alaina Thomas (IVC) def. Robyn Collier/Madison Hernandez (RCC), 21-14, 21-18

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